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Filmmakers produce with pennies

“You don’t have to rely on a rich uncle to make a film.” Filmmakers Helmann Wilhelm and Ava Torres shared this mantra when explaining why their micro-budget filmmaking workshop, coming up this Thursday at the Kitchener Public Library has such value in an industry often focused solely on value.

Geek Week redefines a stereotype

Thick-rimmed glasses spray-painted on the sidewalk – the first encounter with Geek Week for many. But according to Sam Trieu, Geek Week coordinator and Community Marketer at Sortable, this guerilla-marketing tactic is a way to get you in the door, not a reflection of the audience.

Maker Expo shows and tells

“Toronto has more than a dozen maker spaces, but there’s something that makes Kitchener special,” says Cam Turner, Maker Expo co-organizer, Tinker Trunk owner and Maker Club leader. “We have the elbow room to try weird stuff and a...

Hyphen hatches prototypes

Perhaps more often than not, the shape of things to come is a work in progress. Aiming to dominate the audiovisual presentation technology industry, Kitchener-based Christie Digital Systems needed the ability to nimbly build, tweak and test a range of...

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