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Maker Expo shows and tells

“Toronto has more than a dozen maker spaces, but there’s something that makes Kitchener special,” says Cam Turner, Maker Expo co-organizer, Tinker Trunk owner and Maker Club leader. “We have the elbow room to try weird stuff and a...

Hyphen hatches prototypes

Perhaps more often than not, the shape of things to come is a work in progress. Aiming to dominate the audiovisual presentation technology industry, Kitchener-based Christie Digital Systems needed the ability to nimbly build, tweak and test a range of...

Ambrosia Crafts Confections

Aura Hertzog and Tim Simpson are on a highly enviable mission: “Chocolate is our main focus, and we’ll continue to expand on that.”

Altekrea Boosts Fringe Art

Launched in 2011 as a showcase for underfunded practitioners of the so-called geek arts, ALTEKREA festival of alternative creation has grown to become downtown Kitchener’s annual summertime excursion to the fringes of modern pop culture.

Festival brings new vibrancy to Kitchener’s festival scene

Baby Boomers had rock’n’roll. Gen X’ers had hip hop and punk. Now, millennials have electronic dance music. Exploding in popularity over the past decade, it is the fastest-growing music genre today. Major cities in Europe and North...

THEMUSEUM gets funding for MakerSpace

Museums are a place of learning. They provoke imagination, encourage exploration and inspire innovative thoughts. Located in the heart of downtown Kitchener, THEMUSEUM offers experiences that intersect art, science and technology. Featuring five floors of...

Ryan Consell Forges Armour

Imagine a man who is prepared to deal with dragons in the year 2016. He’s neither burly nor bearded, but Ryan Consell crafts metal...