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Kitchener looks at development in Hidden Valley

KITCHENER — City plans to update land use in the environmentally sensitive Hidden Valley area would add hundreds of jobs and more than quadruple the number of people living there, according to a new report.

Google is preparing for a major expansion of its Canadian engineering headquarters on Breithaupt Street in Kitchener

KITCHENER — Google will more than double the size of its Canadian engineering headquarters at 51 Breithaupt St.

The Record has learned Google will take all of the office space in an 11-storey building to be constructed directly across the street from the former factory where it currently has more than 600 employees.

Kitchener Sync debuts at the Apollo Cinema Downtown Kitchener

In the premiere episode "LAN," Gretchen moves to Kitchener for a position in a gaming company. When she finds out it's not the job she thought it was, she discovers how interesting Kitchener's tech valley is, as she tries to "start up" her new life.

Catalyst137: the world’s largest IoT manufacturing space

Catalyst137 serves local makers innovating in the IoT space. It is home to everything needed to accelerate time-to-market - including a testing facility, commercialization services, and a hackable streetscape. It’s a massive 475,000 sq ft space purpose-built for makers.