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Learn how to master home canning from Emerie Brine

Emerie Brine’s love of fresh food started as a young child while growing up on a farm on the east coast. As one of eleven children home canning was a yearly tradition providing nutritious food at a busy table, and was an avenue for the creative palate of a budding chef. Now, Emerie is the executive chef and brand manager for Bernardin mastering the efficiencies of preserving, and experimenting with new recipes.

Conestoga students rise to the entrepreneurial challenge

“There are so many entrepreneurs in this city – pioneers and trailblazers in the food community,” says Jennifer Fletcher, manager at Conestoga College’s department of Applied Research and Entrepreneurship. “We’re trying to foster that skillset, and inspire the next generation to push that entrepreneurial spirit even further.”

Ambrosia Crafts Confections

Aura Hertzog and Tim Simpson are on a highly enviable mission: “Chocolate is our main focus, and we’ll continue to expand on that.”

Berlin Bicyle Cafe Balances Passions

Kerri Krawec’s first restaurant gig was a nostalgic summer spent at her Grandma’s tea house, an addition on the old family home supplied by a one-acre garden. She also fondly remembers her Grandma’s impulse to show love with shared...

Nick Serves Real Mexican

Nick Benninger is a relatively fresh face in the Kitchener Market crowd, but his considerable talents as chef have been well known to local...