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Kitchener Sync debuts at the Apollo Cinema Downtown Kitchener

In the premiere episode "LAN," Gretchen moves to Kitchener for a position in a gaming company. When she finds out it's not the job she thought it was, she discovers how interesting Kitchener's tech valley is, as she tries to "start up" her new life.

Catalyst137: the world’s largest IoT manufacturing space

Catalyst137 serves local makers innovating in the IoT space. It is home to everything needed to accelerate time-to-market - including a testing facility, commercialization services, and a hackable streetscape. It’s a massive 475,000 sq ft space purpose-built for makers.

Igloo grows in DTK

One hundred and thirty eight per cent revenue growth seems in juxtaposition to the small, downtown business most are familiar with. But, because of Igloo, a provider of digital workplace solutions, this figure has found a home in Kitchener’s downtown core, and has nowhere to go but up, literally.

Night\Shift layers sound, space and experience

Few spaces are more ordinary or passive than an office-building hallway.  These long, narrow expanses, dotted with the occasional acrylic landscape exist solely to bring you somewhere else.  Night\Shift, Kitchener’s placehacking festival has another idea.

Filmmakers produce with pennies

“You don’t have to rely on a rich uncle to make a film.” Filmmakers Helmann Wilhelm and Ava Torres shared this mantra when explaining why their micro-budget filmmaking workshop, coming up this Thursday at the Kitchener Public Library has such value in an industry often focused solely on value.

Geek Week redefines a stereotype

Thick-rimmed glasses spray-painted on the sidewalk – the first encounter with Geek Week for many. But according to Sam Trieu, Geek Week coordinator and Community Marketer at Sortable, this guerilla-marketing tactic is a way to get you in the door, not a reflection of the audience.

Altekrea Boosts Fringe Art

Launched in 2011 as a showcase for underfunded practitioners of the so-called geek arts, ALTEKREA festival of alternative creation has grown to become downtown Kitchener’s annual summertime excursion to the fringes of modern pop culture.