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Catalyst137: the world’s largest IoT manufacturing space

Catalyst137 serves local makers innovating in the IoT space. It is home to everything needed to accelerate time-to-market - including a testing facility, commercialization services, and a hackable streetscape. It’s a massive 475,000 sq ft space purpose-built for makers.

Igloo grows in DTK

One hundred and thirty eight per cent revenue growth seems in juxtaposition to the small, downtown business most are familiar with. But, because of Igloo, a provider of digital workplace solutions, this figure has found a home in Kitchener’s downtown core, and has nowhere to go but up, literally.

Maker Expo shows and tells

“Toronto has more than a dozen maker spaces, but there’s something that makes Kitchener special,” says Cam Turner, Maker Expo co-organizer, Tinker Trunk owner and Maker Club leader. “We have the elbow room to try weird stuff and a...

Hyphen hatches prototypes

Perhaps more often than not, the shape of things to come is a work in progress. Aiming to dominate the audiovisual presentation technology industry, Kitchener-based Christie Digital Systems needed the ability to nimbly build, tweak and test a range of...